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Our Jarrah Honey

Jarrah  Eucalyptus marginata

Sourced from forest and farms near Nannup, Dwellingup and Harvey

Jarrah is Western Australias most prized honey. It’s flavours are reminiscent of butterscotch and caramel. It’s a dark and rich honey that is slow to crystalise if it does at all. It was the first honey in Western Australia to be recognised for it’s antimicrobial properties. It flowers every second year and sadly does not always yield nectar for honey. We are unfortunately losing our Jarrah forests to climate change, dieback, mining, fires and logging. Jarrah honey is also difficult to collect. All these facts combine to make it rare. Research indicates that it has high antimicrobial levels making it a perfect medicinal honey. While there are other medicinal honeys, this is still the favourite one people turn to.

Flowers in November and December. Has a bi-annual flowering cycle. Flowers can be fragile and damaged by heat or rain. The most highly prized of honeys in West Australia and a perpetual frustration to beekeepers.



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Beekeeper direct raw honey sourced from regional Western Australia

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